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S.M.A.R.T. – The Last Bite

In this segment called "The Last Bite," Jackie shares her tips on setting and maintaining your goals.

Skin Expert Sara Turbeville on Healthier Skin – Weighing In

Jackie's guest this week is Sara Turbeville, owner and founder of Skin Santa Monica and skin care expert with over 20 years experience. Sara and Jackie share their 10 best New Year's skin-related and health resolution...

Curiosity – The Last Bite

In this week's The Last Bite, Jackie encourages you to explore your curiosity and go places you would never think of going.

The Fitness Gourmet’s Patricia Greenberg-Grunfeld – Weighing In

Jackie's guest this week is Patricia Greenberg-Grunfeld, owner of the Fitness Gourmet and a certified culinary professional with over 20 years experience in as a nutritionist and chef. Jackie and Patricia discuss whic...

Two Wolves Within Us – The Last Bite

Jackie shares an old parable about the two wolves within all of us: one good, the other evil.

NCAA All American Maggie Vessey – Weigning In

Maggie is an NCAA All-American runner, sponsored by New Balance. She has represented the United States and competed twice in the world championships, and won the women’s 800meter event in a time of 1:57 seconds at the...

H.A.L.T.S. – The Last Bite

Jackie shares her secret to controlling your appetite!

Anti-Aging Foods – What’s on Your Plate?

This episode of Food Exposed is all about looking Fit and Fabulous at Forty! Jackie reveals the best anti-aging foods and the best foods to counteract environmental factors that affect aging!

Amita Swadhin explains Peer Health Exchange – Food Exposed

Amita Swadhin of Peer Health Exchange enlightens Jackie of her cause and how she got started with the organization

Bodybuilder Ric Drasin on his Everyday Training – Food Exposed

This week's guest is bodybuilder, talk show host, actor and former pro-wrestler Ric Drasin! Watch as Ric shares some of his do-over moments and the knowledge and wisdom he gained through his long, successful career in...

Beth Pratt of the National Wildlife Federation talks Weigh in for a Cause

This week's guest is Beth Pratt, the California Director for the National Wildlife Federation, who has worked in environmental leadership roles for over twenty years, and in two of the country’s largest national parks...

“Chopped” Winner Chef D. Brandon Walker talks about the Bread & Roses Cafe – Food Exposed

Meet Chef D. Brandon Walker (Guest):            As a native Angeleno and avid sports enthusiast, Derek Brandon Walker grew up in Los Angeles, where he soaked up the diverse ethnic food traditions and cuisin...

Clean Fuel for a Clean Body – Food Exposed

Guest Steve Ellis shares the correlation between clean fuel for automobiles to clean food for your body! Steve Ellis is manager of Fuel Cell Vehicle Sales and Marketing at American Honda.   Steve is responsible for...

Finding the Right Fit – Food Exposed

Guest Kearstin Nuckles chats with Jackie on how to find the right fit of denim! Kearstin has worked for some of the biggest, high end brands in denim today – Paige,  Earnest Sewn,  Textile Elizabeth and James and m...

Developing Better Eating Habits for Students – Food Exposed

This week, Jackie discusses the challenges of getting kids to make healthy choices and eat right. Jackie's involvement with Michelle Obama's Let's Move and Chefs Move to Schools campaigns takes her into elementary and...

Portion Standards – Food Exposed

This week, Jackie examines how American dieting trends have changed over the last decade – from using Lucky Strikes Cigarettes as a weight loss tool to the Lemonade Diet to Dexatrim to Weight Watchers to the Atkins an...

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