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Ric Drasin Live – Tip 1

Ric Drasin Live - Tip 1

Ric Drasin Live – Tip 2

Ric Drasin - Tip 2

Ric Drasin Live – Tip 3

Ric Drasin - Tip 3

Ric Drasin Live – Tip 4

Ric Drasin - Tip 4

Ric Drasin Live! : Tip 5

Ric shares his Tip of the Week regarding eating healthy and getting enough rest.  

Ric Drasin Live! : Tip 6

This week's Tip of the Week features NutriFit's Jackie Keller, who gives a tip on a healthy diet.  

Ric Drasin Live! – Tip 7

This week's Tip is straight and to the point. Get up and workout!  

Ric Drasin Live! – Tip 8

Ric gives his Tip of the Week for healthy fitness! Get yourself up early and into the gym to start your day.  It'll energize you all day long!  

Ric Drasin Live! – Tip 9

Ric lets Dr. Elizabeth Lambaer give the Tip of the Week on staying healthy and fit.

Ric Drasin Live! – Tip 10

Ric dishes out his Tip of the Week, with some insight from Selah Victor.

Ric Drasin Live! – Tip 12

Ric lets Howard give his tips on Advanced Age Training. Subscribe to keep up with all of the latest video uploads and live events Follow our networ...

Angelina’s Skin Care Tip on Ric Drasin Live!

For this Tip of the Week, Angelina Altishin shares a skin care tip on Ric Drasin Live!

Higher Reps, Lower Weight – Ric Drasin Live

Guest Doug Brignole gives his tip for working out. More repetitions with less weight.

First Step to Getting Back in Shape – Ric Drasin Live

Mark Andrews gives his best advice on getting back into shape.

Bodybuilder and Trainer Mark Andrews on Ric Drasin Live

Mark Andrews has beebn a bodybuilder and fitness model for years and has been on the cover of many major fitness magazines.  He also trains clients at Gold’s gym in Noho and gets the best results of most trainers arou...

Valentine’s Day Date Options – Ric Drasin Live

Ric and Inna discuss options for treating your significant other!

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