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Tuff and Tender : Tip 6

In this week's Tip, Ric comments on being grateful for who you are. Look yourself in the mirror and appreciate yourself!

Getting Tattoos – Tuff and Tender

Ric and Inna give their tips on how to deal with a daughter who wants tattoos.

Best Diet Tips on Ric Drasin Live

There are all types of diets out there to use however the bodybuilders came up with the best one in the 1950's which was high protein, low carb and added fats.  This was the best way to shed the body of fat.  After th...

Belly Fat – Ric Drasin Live!

Episode 102 - Belly Fat Ric Drasin interview Inna Tuler and discusses her workout routine, as well as healthy tips to get rid of belly fat.

Lonely Holidays – Tuff and Tender

Ric and Inna share advice on overcoming depression and loneliness during the holidays.

Valentine’s Day Date Options – Ric Drasin Live

Ric and Inna discuss options for treating your significant other!

Tip #8 Machine Lat Pulls

Machine lat pulls are another variation of working the lats to widen them out and make them muscular.  NO cheating on this exercise, contract and stretch as in this video.   Ric Drasin, former Pro Wrestler ...

Nutrifit Founder and Wellness Coach Jackie Keller on Ric Drasin Live!

Episode 103 - Jackie Keller Ric Drasin interviews licensed and certified Wellness Coach and founder of NutriFit - Jackie Keller. She has helped many A-list celeb clients obtain extraordinary results. Some of her cl...

Change in Relationship – Tuff and Tender

Welcome to TUFF N TENDER Live where we bring you the best in health & fitness. WITH ME TODAY IS My co host on Tuff n Tender Inna Tuler and we’ve come up with some interesting topics on intimacy in relationships...

Fatima on Body and Brain – Ric Drasin Live

 Fatima Bustos-Choy, PhD is owner & head master of Body & Brain Holistic Wellness, Yoga & Meditation Center. Fatima embodies her life-long journey on personal empowerment and spirituality by delivering int...

Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach Erika Volk Ric Drasin Live!

Episode 105 - Erika Volk Ric Drasin Live, discusses nutrition, and fitness and how to stay in shape as you age.   Burn fat, gain muscle and reshape your body into something you'll be proud of. Our guest today is...

Bodybuilder and Trainer Mark Andrews on Ric Drasin Live

Mark Andrews has beebn a bodybuilder and fitness model for years and has been on the cover of many major fitness magazines.  He also trains clients at Gold’s gym in Noho and gets the best results of most trainers arou...

Becoming a Pro Wrestler on Ric Drasin Live

Everyone calls me about becoming a Pro Wrestler. I put 45 years into it and know what it takes and it's not easy.  You need to have the IT factor and most don't. It's a combination of size,muscle, height, personality ...

Ric Drasin Live! : Tip 5

Ric shares his Tip of the Week regarding eating healthy and getting enough rest.  

New Year’s Resolutions – Ric Drasin Live!

New years resolutions discussed by Ric Drasin and Inna Tuler explaining on how to have a better year in 2014 just by making a few positive changes. Ric Drasin received the Joe Gold Lifetime Achievement Award fo...

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