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Tuff and Tender – Tip 7

Ric gives his Tip of the Week on financial stability for yourself, as well as for your significant other. Learn how to manage your money and put away 25% out of every paycheck.

Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach Erika Volk Ric Drasin Live!

Episode 105 - Erika Volk Ric Drasin Live, discusses nutrition, and fitness and how to stay in shape as you age.   Burn fat, gain muscle and reshape your body into something you'll be proud of. Our guest today is...

Money – Tuff and Tender

Episode 105 - Money Today's show is about Finances discussed by Ric Drasin and Inna Tuler, in regards to money between couples and how to manage money keeping a relationship at a good balance.

Ric Drasin Live! – Tip 8

Ric gives his Tip of the Week for healthy fitness! Get yourself up early and into the gym to start your day.  It'll energize you all day long!  

Radiance and Youthfulness Expert Dr. Elizabeth Lambaer on Ric Drasin Live!

Episode 106 - Dr. Elizabeth Lambaer Guest Dr. Elizabeth Lambaer, is an Inspirational Speaker, Radiance and Youthfulness Expert, Brand Ambassador and Author of "Skinny Dipping in the Fountain of Youth" She is the...

Car Loan Cosigning – Tuff and Tender

A viewer asks Ric they should co-sign a loan for a car. Yea or Nay?

Commitments – Tuff and Tender

Episode 103 - Commitments In this episode of Tuff and Tender, Ric and Erin answer questions regarding commitment. Whether it's marriage, family, or friendship, the foundation for a healthy relationship is understan...

Bodybuilder and Pro-Wrestler Ric Drasin on C’est la Vie with Selah V

Selah interviews bodybuilding and wrestling legend Ric Drasin about his history in the fitness industry and what tips he has for others looking to get in shape. "C'est la Vie with Selah V!" features conversations w...

Fitness Expert Dan Isaacson on Ric Drasin Live!

Episode 104 - Dan Isaacson Dan Isaacson is an author, product innovator, and celebrity spokesperson and considered by many aas the pioneer of the multi-million dollar personal training industry. His scientifically-...

Belly Fat – Ric Drasin Live!

Episode 102 - Belly Fat Ric Drasin interview Inna Tuler and discusses her workout routine, as well as healthy tips to get rid of belly fat.

Erika Volk’s Peanut Butter and Jelly Protein Shake

Guest Erika Volk shares her favorite protein shake for working out!

Ric Drasin Live! – Tip 7

This week's Tip is straight and to the point. Get up and workout!  

Ric Drasin Live! – Tip 9

Ric lets Dr. Elizabeth Lambaer give the Tip of the Week on staying healthy and fit.

Dan Isaacson on Location Training

Dan Isaacson discusses his on-location training methods he uses for his celebrity client, while on set for filming.

Nutrifit Founder and Wellness Coach Jackie Keller on Ric Drasin Live!

Episode 103 - Jackie Keller Ric Drasin interviews licensed and certified Wellness Coach and founder of NutriFit - Jackie Keller. She has helped many A-list celeb clients obtain extraordinary results. Some of her cl...

Gym Jealousy – Tuff and Tender

A viewer is jealous of other guys' bodies and asks for advice on building up his physique. A perfect question for a guy like Ric!

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