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Tuff and Tender – Tip 7

Ric gives his Tip of the Week on financial stability for yourself, as well as for your significant other. Learn how to manage your money and put away 25% out of every paycheck.

Money – Tuff and Tender

Episode 105 - Money Today's show is about Finances discussed by Ric Drasin and Inna Tuler, in regards to money between couples and how to manage money keeping a relationship at a good balance.

Car Loan Cosigning – Tuff and Tender

A viewer asks Ric they should co-sign a loan for a car. Yea or Nay?

Commitments – Tuff and Tender

Episode 103 - Commitments In this episode of Tuff and Tender, Ric and Erin answer questions regarding commitment. Whether it's marriage, family, or friendship, the foundation for a healthy relationship is understan...

Gym Jealousy – Tuff and Tender

A viewer is jealous of other guys' bodies and asks for advice on building up his physique. A perfect question for a guy like Ric!

Tuff and Tender : Tip 6

In this week's Tip, Ric comments on being grateful for who you are. Look yourself in the mirror and appreciate yourself!

Relationships – Tuff and Tender

Episode 102 - Relationships Ric Drasin and chat-host Erin Tillman answers questions from viewers who have trouble getting their foot through the door in the dating world.

Jealousy – Tuff and Tender

Episode 104 - Jealousy In this episode of Tuff and Tender, Ric and Erin answer questions regarding jealousy. With friends, family, or significant others, jealousy can arise within any relationship.

Living Together – Tuff and Tender

Ric and Erin share their input in regards to moving-in with your significant other.

Tuff and Tender : Tip 5

This week, Ric gives a tip on the common decency of replying to messages. Who was the last person that you ignored?

Tuff and Tender : Tip 4

Ric gives his Tip of the Week on being social and putting yourself available to date.