I AM Movement Founder Lissa Lauria Interview

Lissa Lauria is a one movement, literally. She recently founded I AM Movement to support teens and young adults who are dealing with traumatic issues such as suicidal thoughts, cutting, drugs, alcoholism and low self-esteem.

An actress, singer, musician and writer, Lissa began her career at a young age on the stages of New York City. She has appeared in such TV shows as “Medium,” “Weeds” and “Two Guys and a Girl.” She is also a co-writer on “Planet Rock: An 80’s Musical,” produced by Randy Jackson, Joe Simpson, Barney Cohen and Delora Obrien.

In addition, she’s opened for the Jonas Brothers, had two original songs featured in teen film “Minor Details,” and her song “Famous,” written with the Grammy Award winning Jackie Boyz, is on the soundtrack to “Beyond the Mat.”

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