LIFE AFTER WAR – Episode 12 with Matt Kinser and Darcy Vernier

Matt Kinser-11B (Infantry), E-4 (Specialist) U.S. Army – Honorable Discharge October 2010, C Co. 2-506th IN, 4th BCT, 101st ABN DIV (AASLT), Fort Campbell, KY.  I enlisted in the Army in July 2006. My unit was sent to Afghanistan in March 2008 for a 12- month deployment. My Company deployed to Kandahar Province for the first four months, before finishing the rest of the deployment stationed along the Pakistan border, where we fought a majority of our combat operations. After my time in the Army I went back to college to continue my education and recently graduated from Columbia University’s General Studies program. Social Media Profiles: Facebook,  LinkedIn, Email

Darcy Vernier- I was a Marine Corps helicopter pilot during Vietnam. I was in combat, and was awarded 3 DFCs and 50 Air Medals. I worked for many years as a Commodity Futures broker, but got back into flying for Aloha Island Air and then for the UN in the Sudan, oil companies, airlines, and flight schools. I am presently a flight instructor, actor and writer (3 books on Amazon). I have two adult kids, one kid in college and four grandchildren. Darcy Vernier email –


“Life After War”…True stories from Veterans sharing their experiences and challenges of coming home.

Jeff and Kimberly have been featured Internationally on TV’s Master’s of Illusion and their show will astound you but the most remarkable thing may be that they were able to turn a long distance relationship into a happy marriage (thanks to, AT&T and American Airlines.)

Jeff is a big city boy from Los Angeles, he served in the cold war gathering intelligence as a communication specialist and is now a retired Army Veteran. He makes his living as a professional magician performing in venues such as the World Famous Magic Castle in Hollywood as well as a Stuntman who’s been knocked out by Sylvester Stallone and other hard hitting celebrities!

Kimberly is small town girl from rural Oklahoma who knocked Jeff out the moment he laid eyes on her. From the start they both knew they shared a special connection, yet Jeff had no idea just how powerful her intuition could be and together they entertain the US Armed Forces both local and abroad with their live show, Operation Bravo.

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