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Post Show Bonus Chat: Sleep Disorder

Today on MD-VOD, Dr. John Kennedy is joined by board-certified sleep expert, Dr. Avi Ishaaya to answer your questions on facebook and twitter about sleep disorders, including sleep apnea. Together they examine the cause of sleep apnea, who is at risk, the symptoms, how it’s diagnosed and available medications, treatments and therapies. They further discuss the consequences and the realities of living with sleep apnea, including insurance coverage and related costs.

Dr. Ishaaya points out that it is best to start with lifestyle changes such as diet and exercise when addressing sleep apnea. Although for those with more advanced cases, many doctors recommend additional treatments as well.

There are several methods to treat sleep apnea, including various surgeries and dental devices, but the most common treatment is Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP). CPAP is a treatment in which the patient wears a breathing mask, hooked up to a machine that delivers a constant flow of air into the nostrils. This positive pressure helps to keep the airways open so that breathing is not impaired.

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