The Effects of Music

Have you ever wondered why certain songs make you feel a different emotions? Music can bring us to tears or have us standing and dancing in the blink of an eye. How about when you are not able to get a song out of your head that you recently heard? Using brain imaging, neuroscientists have discovered that whether you are listening to music or just imagining a song in your head the brain is activated in a similar manner. Music has now been scientifically proven to help alleviate depression.

Michael Levine is a composer D 01 OUT and songwriter for film, television, theater, and concert stage as well as The score composer for the upcoming George Lucas-produced D 02 IN Star Wars Detours animated series. He also D 02 OUT scored the Jerry-Bruckheimer D 03 IN produced drama, Cold Case. D 03 OUT Michaels’ ten-year association with Hans Zimmer lead to work on Rango and Batman: Dark Knight and many other films. Michael also wrote the music for the iconic Kit Kat “Gimme A Break” jingle, arranged the choir version of The Simpson’s Movie’s “Spider Pig”, and, with Lucas Cantor, produced Lorde’s spooky rendition of “Everybody Wants to Rule The World” for the Hunger Games: Catching Fire soundtrack. He is also the composer of Divination by Mirrors for Musical Saw and Strings and a Concerto for Pedal Steel Guitar.

Christian Cristiano received his Masters of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. The school’s renowned full-time program requires students to combine coursework with concurrent clinical internships, providing exposure to patients during the entire four years of study.

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