Traci Lords, Tamala Jones, Chris Mannor, and Luke Reichle Throw Down in Post Show Chat

In our weekly SRC post show chat session, stylist Chris Mannor and actress/singer/director Traci Lords joins Luke and special chat hostess, Castle’s Tamala Jones, to answer a few questions from the viewers. This fabulous foursome gives us the deets on their favorite designers and trends, from mixing bold patterns like polka dots for a great mod look, to rocking a corset a la Traci Lords, who’s no stranger to fun costumes, particularly in movies like Virtuosity, a film starring Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe.

Traci, who’s famous for her work in films like Cry-Baby—which co-stars Johnny Depp and Ricki Lake—dishes on her favorite looks from her music videos, including a set of gorgeous corsets from New York designer, the Blonds. Her Christian Louboutin shoes are also a hot topic during this gabfest, which were a gift from her label, Sea to Sun Recordings. Watch as the chat takes a fun, wild turn when Tamala slips a shoe off to model for the camera.

Luke and Chris continue their conversation on prints and encourage us to experiment and mix with different types of patterns. Everyone can rock a print (not just celebs like Kim Kardashian, Kelly Osbourne, and Hailee Steinfeld), but if you’re unsure, don’t be afraid to have someone take a photo. And if you’re really hesitant, try it on a smaller scale, like a fabulous patterned scarf.

Tamala also gives us the lowdown on how she got her start in acting. Our favorite sassy hostess drove her parents crazy with painted mustaches, closet raids, and flawless imitations until they finally tossed her into acting school. The rest is history.

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