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True Blood ends with Led Zeppelin’s “Thank You”

True Blood’s Music Supervisor Gary Calamar sits down and chats with Q Score host Jonathan McHugh about his experience choosing the iconic Led Zeppelin song for the True Blood series finale “Thank You”. Last Sunday night, HBO wrapped up the Emmy award-winning series True Blood with Led Zeppelin’s “Thank You” playing straight through the credits, ending the series on a perfect note. If you’re interested on getting your hands on this song then check out Rhino Records where you’ll find exclusive clips and videos from Led Zeppelin.

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Gary Calamar is a DJ on Los Angeles radio station KCRW, and is a music supervisor for film and television shows such as True Blood, Dexter, and Six Feet Under, for which he received two Grammy nominations. He is also the co-author of the book Record Store Days (with Phil Gallo).

Jonathan McHugh has spent over two decades working in film, TV and music. Mchugh’s background ranges from record and film company marketing and promotion, producing music themed film and TV shows, to years of music supervision and soundtrack production. McHugh continues to stay active in the industry and bridge the gap between, music and visual media. Each week on Q Score, Jonathan McHugh takes us behind the scenes of the film and television music we love. McHugh illuminates the process of matching composers, songs, and score to specific scenes by talking to the music supervisors responsible for creating the magic.

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